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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 1, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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beltway and northern state parkway. looking at our camera at wilkens avenue, traffic is looking good on both loops so far. megan and jamie, back to you. >> everyone up and down the east coast is keeping a nervous eye on earl. emergency management directors from maryland say the hurricane could pass between 200 and 250 miles off the coast of ocean city thursday or friday. we've heard from justin but sherrie johnson is live this morning. >> we're on calvert street in baltimore where the mayor will hold a briefing at the department of transportation, the management center, talking about hurricane preparedness. down in annapolis, that's where they are already getting prepared. there are people preparing in several places in annapolis, people are making sure their boats are okay. hurricane isabel that hit in 2003 brought back all sorts of memories for boaters, even the annapolis mayor josh cohen is
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not taking any chances. >> i think we don't know right now if it's going wallop the area or be just some rain and wind but we're taking every step to prepare as if it's a major hurricane that hits us. >> reporter: hurricane earl has annapolis on stand by. they are hosting race week, that brings hundreds of boats to the area, but of course officials will keep a close eye on the weather, if there's extreme high winds, then of course they will make other arrangements. reporting live in downtown baltimore. emergency management officials have advice for people planning to head to ocean city for the labor day weekend. stay out of the water. waves could reach 15 feet on friday. trent sprinkle found himself in a rip current. >> i started to get tired. i saw the lifeguard. maybe he could help me. >> lifeguards made hundreds of rescues over the weekend
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because of rip currents from hurricane danielle, and they are still at it this week. it's only going to get worse. some baltimore county residents are bracing themselves for potential high winds, flooding, all from hurricane earl. in september 2003 hurricane isabel hit maryland as a tropical storm causing extensive flooding destroying almost 300 homes in baltimore county alone. the volunteer fire in bowley's quarter started the emergency preparation there is checking over gear, filling up fuel tanks and positioning boats and potential rescue operations. >> you don't know until you see which side of the bay the storm goes up. if the goes up the west side of the bay, the eyewall, we get storm surge. if it goes east of us we'll get heavy winds and not the surge probably. and you don't know that until probably two or three hours before it gets here. >> firefighters say victims
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from isabel have learned to prepare well in advance of any storm but they are concerned about more recent residents that have become complacent. stay with abc 2 news. on good morning maryland at 9:00 we'll the city down with the director of the management emergency agency to talk about the agency is getting ready to do for hurricane early. keep a close eye on where earl is headed on our website, click on the weather tab at the top of the page, click on hurricane tracker. 5:03 in glen burnie, on country club drivea guy in his 20's breaks into a home and sexual assaults an 83-year-old woman. neighbors are worried. police are on it. linda? >> reporter: police have been canvassing the neighborhood and plant to canvas the area to get more suspect of the man in his early 20s, he wore a dark scarf
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over his face during the attack monday morning. the man broke into her home and sexually assaulted her before running away. neighbors hope police will make an arrest soon. >> it's scary. you don't know who it is. you might be roaming around and not even -- who is he? >> reporter: if you have any information to help police call the anne arundel county sex crimes unit at 410-222-3416. in the studio linda so, abc news. what's next for troops overseas? from a beach house to the white house, people all along the east coast are getting ready for hurricane earl. i'm emily schmidt in washington, that story is coming up. we start with mid-summer temperatures in the mid-70s. i want to point out this is one
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of those unique dates on the calendar, september, where we have records one year apart, record low, 1963 at 53. record high a year earlier, 1962 at 99. we'll get close but not quite record territory this afternoon. the forecast is straight head. let's g to the m.t.a. >> a diversion at pratt and paca, number 35 at pratt at green, 44 diverse at bel air and alameda. you'll mind metro subway running 5 to 10 minutes late, light rail on schedule. for the m.t.a. transit, i'm mark jones. mom, did you borrow my green shirt? that's not really my style, honey.
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tourists on one north carolina island are being asked to head to the mainland ahead of hurricane earl as the storm threatens to side swipe the east coast and ruin vacation plans for the long holiday weekend. >> the end of thursday we're going to see how things pan out. we may be telling people, advising people, to leave the beaches. >> it's too close to the coast
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not to be ready to go. >> some area residents are stocking up on emergency supplies like lanterns and batteries. other items including generators and water. just tin is headed down to the beach. >> we've got a crew growing down and we'll have full coverage friday. a tight view of hurricane earl, it went through a transition yesterday and overnight. it's still weaker than it was at 125-mile-per-hour winds. well off the southeast coast. in reference to maryland, it's not even throwing a high cloud nearby. we still have a day and a half or two days. the thermometers are comfortable, 67 at perry hall,
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68 on the eastern shore. maybe humidity and low fog on the eastern shore and york and lancaster counties in pennsylvania. otherwise we've got full sunshine and temperatures take us on our hour by hour forecast to a guaranteed high of 95 by 4 p.m. let's see what's happening on the roads. >> we're quiet so far this morning. a couple incidents outside of the baltimore metro, in ocean city headed down worcester county, the northbound lanes of coastal highway at channel buoy road are closed, a crash in frederick county blocking on a rate lane and shoulder. 895 running smoothly, 295 a six- minute ride. on the outer loop we're running
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good there. 95 at the fort mchenry tunnel, in problems through the tube. back to you. a radical option to cut breast cancers. >> one patient opted for the procedure. >> and preventing another kind of cancer, what you need to eat more of. ;9óa
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>> 5:14. a really wrenching decision facing some women who may have the option of removing their breasts and ovaries surgically, have them cut out for thing of ovarian and breast cancer. it's a radical step but some doctors recommended for women carrying mutated jeans. are the surgeries effective? >> reporter: lisa felt like a ticking time bomb with a history of cancer in her family, and she has the genetic mutation that makes her more likely to get breast cancer. >> i got to the point where i felt like it wasn't an if i was going to get cancer but a when. >> reporter: she decided to
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have her breasts and ovaries removed own though she's never had cancer. >> i got sick, i just started having nightmares about what would happen to my family. >> reporter: some friends thought it was a radical step, but the new study validates the difficult decision that she and thousands of other women have already made. over six years, researchers looked at nearly 2500 women with the genetic mutation. of the 247 who had preventive mastectomies not one developed cancers. 900 decided to have ovaries and tubes removed, only 10 got cancer. compare that to 16 women who chose not to undergo any surgery, 98 of them were later diagnosed with cancer. >> people who feel that they would be really very anxious and worried all the time and not be able to do anything about their risks, these data say that's not true.
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>> lisa says having the surgeries was not an ease decision but for her and her kids it was the right one. abc news, new york. >> 5:16. adding vegetables and fruits to the die set a healthy idea. now researchers are finding that fruits and veggies can actually decrease our risk of getting lung cancer, especially if we smoke. doctors believe fruits and vegetables contain many bioactive compounds. however, the american cancer society warns there's no better way to fight lung cancer than to avoid smoking. 5:16. a hurricane watch has been extended to virginia beaches. it's creeping up the coast. it's a matter of timing and expecting conditions within the next 36-48 hours as we're a day and a half away from the storm impact us weather-wise. waves will build up today and
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tomorrow and then really especially as they head through friday morning. there's hurricane earl, fiona lagging behind. winds now 125 miles per hour. it's a category 3 storm, weaker than it was just yesterday, but it's still a major hurricane and still chugging to the northwest at 14 miles per hour, which means it's a fast-moving system and although it's slowing down a little bit, it's still expected to be a fast pass as it rolls up the east coast. that was a fast transition. i want to show you what we're expecting. winds forecast to be 120 miles per hour when it's off the north carolina coastline, and the actual hurricane force winds in this deeper shading here, it's 90 miles across clipping the outer banks, will it clip ocean this? the next time frame is the evening hours through saturday morning. we're right on the edge in
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ocean city, nearly nothing to be expected in baltimore, maybe extra wind on the eastern shore. it will clip cape cod, east maine, nova scotia. a close call but ocean city guaranteed tropical storm force winds in the 45 to 65-mile-per- hour wind range, on the edge of hurricane force winds with some rain bends passing through. check out ocean city, the waves are a problem but the weather is fantastic as they have been looking at real sunshine and just comfortable conditions, but afternoon temperatures upper 80s to 90 degrees. it feels like mid-summer here watching the shadows creep across the beach into the afternoon. not many people as they go through the last unofficial week of summer. 76 this morning in ocean city. 93% humidity. winds light out of the west which means no major problem, no impact yet from earl, but that will change over the next day. we're looking at 78-degree water temperature, some of the warmest this time of year in september, that helps to feed
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into a tropical system. 90 the afternoon temperature in ocean city, 89 bethany beach. air temperatures range from 94 rock hall to 95 in dundalk, 93 in aberdeen. close to home conditions will be poor to really unhealthy air quality code red in baltimore, code orange philly and new york, richmond and norfolk. temperatures around 70 degrees. you see earl showing up thursday night and friday morning offshore with rain bands clipping assateague and ocean city. this is one model, that's wouldn't reasons we'll head down there for full coverage in ocean city beginning tomorrow and on friday. 95 degrees today, not quite record territory. that would be 99. through tonight back down to near 72. and then tomorrow, temperatures not as hot, 93, with more humidity and we'll talk more about our weekend forecast for labor day coming up. here is kim brown with a look
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at traffic. >> in towson we have a downed tree blocking all lanes at cromwell bridge road and glen eagles court, closed in both directions, police want you to avoid that intersection this morning. we're doing well on the roads. no delays or any accidents around the baltimore metro. this is the harrisburg expressway at shawan, very light volume, traffic managing to move at and above speed. as we look at the drive time, no problems the southbound stretch between route 140 and owings mills boulevard. to the beltway, 4 minutes from there. entertainment news, right now at 5:20. zsa zsa gabor is back in the hospital, her husband found the 93-year-old unresponsive and called 911. she was in the hospital for several weeks in the last two months after breaking her hip in july. >> we know lady antebellum is among the nominees of the
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country music awards but who will join them? we'll find out this morning when the remaining nominees are announced on good morning america. the show airs from 7 to 9 right here on abc 2. you're a big fan. do you have a favorite? >> keith urban. >> year after year, you nominate keith urban. >> that's exactly right. keith urban. hey, take a close look at the video we're about to show you. take a look. >> what's wrong with this picture? we'll take a closer look when we come back.
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5:24. workers in millersville are erecting two damaged beams from the world trade center, part of a memorial to those who lost their lives on september 11th in the attacks. anne arundel county plans a formal dedication in ten days. the 9/11 memorial fund raised the money for this project. eventually, the memorial will include trees and benches and plaques to honor the victims of september 11th. 5:25. the mission is complete.
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the president delivered that message from the oval office last night addressing the war in iraq. there was relief at the home of nathan williams, the former army sergeant from the first iraq war. he says the return home will be a battle, as the men and women adjust to normal living. more than 4400 u.s. troops were killed, 30,000 wounded, but the president said the commitment to stabilize iraq continues. >> a transitional force of u.s. troops will remain in iraq with a different mission, advising and assisting iraq security forces. supporting iraqi troops in targeted counter-terrorism missions and protecting our civilians. >> it brings out emotions you didn't know you had. you think about other soldiers that lost their lives, other soldiers that were injured, sometimes you have to fight against the v.a. for your claims. so it's hard. >> today in baghdad u.s. troops are holding a change of command ceremony, this marks the end of operation iraqi freedom.
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when the president addressed the nation did you notice something new? the oval office was given a makeover. you can see it there. while on vacation mr. obama's office received a face lift with new wall paper, tables, chairs and new rug, with the presidential seal that reads "government of the people, by the people and for the people." >> it will soon cost you more for you or your kids to get on line were your xbox. microsoft announced it will raise subscription rates for the xbox live service starting november 1. a one-year membership jumps from $50 to $60. three months goes from $20 to $25, and one month climbs from $8 to $10. you can renew before the price hike kicks in. hurricane earl, category 3 storm now weakened a little bit but still on target for the
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east coast, still on target for perhaps clipping the beaches of maryland. we'll cover that live. i'll head down with some crews tomorrow. nice conditions today, 95 in baltimore, 93 tomorrow, increasing humidity. earl passes to the east, may throw clouds our way. hardly notice in baltimore a cold front has a better chance of bringing us thundershowers, a better chance of rain and wind, eastern shore, to the beaches on friday with 86 degrees the high temperature. behind that core weather pattern, saturday 82, on monday we're back to 83 degrees, sunny to partly cloudy afternoon. right now it's time to go up to new york and get this morning's tech bites. >> amazon looks to add a subscription service for movies and tv shows. the company is talking with major media companies about an all you can eat plan for older movies and shows, amazon offers on demand rentals already. aol has a new way for parents
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to keep tabs on their kids on social networking sites. parents see what they are kids are going online without friending them. the "wall street journal's" katie boran tested it. >> the parent doesn't have to wade through content. they can see the most recent tid-bits of information. i think it's actually helpful. there's nothing a parent can do to suddenly delete or remove something from their child's facebook or twitter or myspace page. >> you can read her full review on the "wall street journal" website. those are your tech bites. i'm rob nelson. ♪
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